Manufacturing Date

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Hi there,

Thank you for your order. 
We appreciate your business and as we stand behind our products, we do not take quality concerns lightly.
Your concern about the manufacture date is valid. We have noticed this and in response test batteries regularly to ensure that they do indeed work and are still of the same quality as any manufactured more recently. Add to this that our supplier assures us that these batteries are new (at least unused), and we're caught in a tough spot when we're contacted by a concerned customer. On one hand, we stand behind our products even if we sell a few defective parts once in a while, on the other hand we realize that selling batteries with manufacture dates from almost two years ago don’t make us look very good to discerning customers.
Typically, the manufacture date you're referring to is pulled from information from the computer and not from the battery itself. This may skew the results.
In the case of CoconutBattery, the "Manufacture Date" calculates the age of your Mac or Battery using the coded production date in the serial number of your Mac or Battery (Note: for Macs only the manufacture week can be calculated, in this case the date represents the first day of the production week).
That said, we want to help you fix your phone and as a customer of ours, we are obligated to give you satisfaction. If you feel the battery we sold to you is not doing the job you want it to, we're happy to replace it. We can't be 100% certain that the next battery will be perfect, either, but we will try to solve the issue the only way we are able to (by replacing it, unfortunately). 
If we're still not able to give you satisfaction with a replacement or otherwise, we will apologize, give you a refund, and wish you well. 
Please let me know if a replacement would be acceptable to you.
All the best,

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