Can I sell you my device?

Thanks for thinking of us! You really are too kind! We here at iFixit actually used to purchase devices in good working condition from customers, but we stopped doing so in 2013.

Here are some other options where you may be able to sell your device.

Please Note: We don't guarantee the quality or value of the websites above. These are helpful links that may help you get some money from your broken device.

If you would like us to recycle your device for you and you already have a pending return with us, then please feel free to include it in your return shipment back to us. Devices we're most interested in are: iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Galaxy/Notes.

To preempt some concerns you may have:

  1. If you believe your device still holds value, you are more than welcome to keep it. We are just trying to provide a responsible option.
  2. Our method of disposal aims to keep as much as possible out of landfills, so we first part out the device as much as possible to minimize our impact, then we give it to our recycling partner who extracts as much of the base materials as possible and properly disposes of the remainder.
  3. You can send multiple devices, but please kindly keep them to the handheld-to-laptop range. We're unable to accept devices that are not mobile devices or laptops.

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