What toolkits do you recommend?

If you're just getting started with device repair and you're needing a good toolkit to help, we recommend our Essential Electronics Toolkit. If you pair it with an iOpener, then you can cover tablet repair as well.

If you're looking for a simple low-cost toolkit for  tablet repairs, we recommend opting for an iOpener Fix Kit along with a P2 bit to cover iPhone repair as well.

If you're going to be working on more types of devices than just tablets, we recommend our Pro Tech Toolkit, as this includes our Mako Driver Kit as well as a number of tools useful for getting into those pesky devices.

For quick reference, here's a complete rundown of our toolkits.

To make sure you have the correct tools needed for your repairs, we recommend navigating our guide section for each device.

In addition to this, we also have a great blog article entitled “ Which iFixit Driver Kit Should You Buy?” which includes a ton of awesome information about the many toolkits that we offer.

We recommend the following in increasing order of necessity depending on the type/intensity of work you expect to be performing:

  • Essential Electronics Toolkit (16 Bits + non-bit tools) (Light-Use)
    • Screen and battery swaps, everything you need for most household DIY fixes including door knobs, home appliances, eyeglasses, and more.
  • Minnow Driver Kit (16 Bits) (Light-Use)
    • Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles.
  • Moray Driver Kit (32 Bits) (Medium-Use)
    • Includes the addition of hex, triangle, and gamebit bits for more esoteric repairs.
  • Mahi Driver Kit (48 Bits) (Medium-Use)
    • 1/4" / Appliances and furniture.
  • Marlin Screwdriver Set (15-piece) (Medium-Heavy-Use)
    • No-assembly-required.
    • iPhones, Android phones, or Torx-based things.
  • Mako Driver Kit (64 Bits) (Medium-Use)
    • 99% of the screws you’ll find in gadgets.
  • Pro Tech Toolkit (64 Bits + non-bit tools) (Medium-Heavy-Use)
    • Portable Carry / includes Mako Driver Kit.
  • Repair Business Toolkit (64 Bits + non-bit tools) (Heavy-Use)
    • Portable Carry / iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices, iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and more.
  • Manta Driver Kit (112 Bits) (Heavy-Use)
    • Includes bits from Mako + Mahi.

The Pro Tech Toolkit is pretty comprehensive and lightweight, but if you have a heavy/diverse repair workload, the Repair Business Toolkit would be more suitable. Otherwise, you may find either to be overkill.

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