iPod Classic - Restore Icon

Your iPod displays the text "Use iTunes to restore" on startup

Corrupted software

It isn't often that Apple gives specific directions about how to fix your problem! Restoring the iPod will erase everything on it, so make sure everything on the iPod is stored elsewhere prior to restoring. To restore, connect your iPod to a computer with iTunes installed. Upon connecting, a message may pop up, informing you that your hard drive is corrupted and/or in recovery mode. If one of these messages pops up, click the "Restore Now" button and follow the directions. If no pop up message appears, click "Restore" on the iPod summary page (click on your iPod icon on the left menu to find this page). Follow the directions to restore. If your iPod displays the text "Please wait. Very Low Battery," leave it plugged in. This charges the iPod enough to be able to restore. If the iPod hangs on this screen for long periods of time, you may need a new battery.

Bad hard drive cable

It is also possible that the sad iPod icon is caused by a bad hard drive cable. In this instance, re-connecting or replacing the hard drive cable (thin or thick) first is a good idea.

Bad click wheel connection

If the click wheel is not seated correctly, it is possible that the iPod will go to this screen. Be sure that the bar on the click wheel is completely flipped down to ensure a positive connection.

Bad hard drive

If checking the connections does not work, you may have a bad hard drive. If no information is being sent to the iPod from the hard drive, it makes the iPod quite unhappy! Note: iPod Classics have unique connectors, and only specific hard drives will work in them. Browse our hard drives (thin or thick) and check out our iPod ID page for compatible drives.

Bad logic board

If attempting to restore the iPod and diagnosing the hard drive and connections does not fix the problem, the issue is probably the logic board.

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