GoPro Hero 3 Silver - Not Powering On

No matter what you try, your GoPro won't turn on.

Battery is dead

This is the first thing you should check. Connect your charger to your device and double check that your charger is working. If your charger is working fine you just need to replace that old battery. Here is how to remove the battery for your GoPro

Motherboard fried

If your GoPro is fully charged but still won't turn on, there might be a problem with the motherboard and might need to be replaced. Check out our guide on how to replace your motherboard

Faulty power adapter

Plug in the power adapter and make sure that the light on the power adapter is on when you connect it to the GoPro. If the light is not on then it means the power adapter is not working and should be replaced.

Power button doesn't work

If the GoPro won't turn on, it might be that the power button isn't working. If the power button is stuck, see our guide on how to replace it. Here is how to replace the buttons on your GoPro

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