Kindle Fire - Battery isn't Charging/Lasting Long

The battery seems to run out of life within a couple of hours, and the Kindle freezes or shuts down.

The charger is damaged

If your charger is plugged into the wall and plugged into your Kindle, but your Kindle shows no sign that the battery life is being replenished, then your charger may be the problem. Borrow a friend's charger that you know is functional. If your Kindle can charge using their cord, then it must be your own that is the problem. Replacing the charger should fix the problem.

The charger port is damaged

If you can't get your Kindle's battery to charge, even when using a working charger, then perhaps the charger port has been bent or damaged. A bent charger port may be especially obvious if the charger jack does not fit or does not remain connected to the input when plugged in. If this is the case, then the input should be replaced. To replace the charger port, refer to the charger/micro HDMI port repair guide.

The battery is damaged

If your battery is running out within a few hours, it may be damaged. Batteries are prone to damage from continual use and are not designed to last forever. Plug your Kindle in and turn it on. Wait until the battery icon indicates that it is fully charged. Now unplug your Kindle. If your Kindle shuts off as soon as you unplug it, then your battery may be worn or damaged and in need of replacement. To repair the battery, refer to the battery repair guide.

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