Samsung Galaxy Note - No Service

Phone can turn on but cannot make a call, text, or displays zero bars.

Out Of Service Range

If you are in a remote location, you may not have cell service.

Airplane Mode Is Turned On

Press and hold the power button to bring up the device options menu. Make sure airplane mode is turned off.

Antenna Obstruction

The antenna is on the top-right corner on the back of the device. Make sure no metal is covering it when calling.

SIM Card Not Inserted Properly

If airplane mode is off and you still have no reception in a serviceable area, check your SIM card and make sure it's fully inserted. The phone should give a message that no SIM card is installed.

If it isn't fitting (or you don't have one) and you still get the message for no SIM card, install a new SIM card.

Faulty Or Corroded Antenna

If the problem is not fixed, you might want to replace the antenna.

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