Troubleshooting: Generic iPhone/iPad LCD Issues

After you have already provided us some helpful information about the state of your device (such as the model number, whether or not it was dropped or has had liquid damage, and what steps you've already performed to fix it yourself), then it's likely time to try some further troubleshooting steps. These steps help us see if we can deduce which specific components are functioning as intended and which ones are causing you trouble.

First, we recommend connecting the device to a computer with iTunes. If iTunes recognizes the device we know the board is intact, and the issue is around the display. If that doesn't work, there may be an issue with the connections between the display assembly and the logic board.

Second, if the restore doesn't fix the issues, we then recommend inspecting the digitizer and LCD cables for damage and cleaning the connectors. They are fragile cables and can be damaged during reassembly (e.g., slight tear, pinched cable, damaged pin, etc.) so be patient and gentle when handling them.

Perform these steps in order:

1. Turn the device off by holding the power/home button simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds. 
2. Open the device up and disconnect the battery from the logic board.
3. Disconnect the screen from the logic board and check the connectors for any indication of bent pins, missing pins, etc.
4. Take a microfiber rag (like you use for cleaning screens) or a Q-Tip and gently clean the connectors on the screen and on the logic board. 
5. Reconnect the screen making sure to align the pins correctly and that the screen is secure.
6. Reconnect the battery and power on the device after all LCD Shield Plate screws have been reinstalled.

Feel free to send us close-up images of the cable if you need assistance identifying damage. We will likely ask for photos regardless of visible damage just to help us understand your situation as best we can.

Finally, reinstall the display assembly. If the cables have been accidentally damaged or pinched, please let us know as we can help with damage occurring during installation, if reported. Keep in mind that connectors can become loose or dislodge completely during reassembly, which can easily be causing the display to not turn on. For example, if the battery is not seated firmly against the rear case during reassembly the battery can push on the display components and cables.

If resetting your device through iTunes, reseating the cables, cleaning the connectors, power cycling the device and checking the battery placement does not resolve the issue, let us know and we will go from there. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We stand behind our products and are here to help you fix your device.   

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