Product Review Code of Conduct

We take our product reviews seriously and want to ensure that they inform the buyer with relevant information. Keep in mind that your review may be subject to removal or moderation by the community. 

Your product reviews are protected under our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Below are ways we ensure product reviews are helpful:

Community Moderation

Product reviews can be flagged as inappropriate or unhelpful by the community, and may fall into one or more of the categories below. Because sometimes these flags are false-positives or are submitted accidentally, if your review was flagged by a community member, we'll investigate it.

Relevance / Off topic

Avoid submitting reviews that aren't relevant to the product.

For example: "I haven’t had a chance to install the product.” 

This review isn't very helpful for those considering purchasing this product. Off topic reviews are also subject to moderation, so please ensure any review is directly related to the quality of the product.


Any links to other websites or product offers are prohibited.

Profanity / Foul Language

Foul language and adult topics are not allowed. 

Unrelated Issues

Non-product related reviews will be moderated.

You can contact iFixit Customer Support here if you have any issues with your orders or returns.

Grammar and Spelling Edits

If your review is helpful but just needs some love, we'll make slight grammatical corrections to ensure your intent for the review is clear.

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