iOpener Leaked / Burst

The iOpener is reusable and designed to last for years to come. However, in rare cases, the iOpener may burst or leak, due to being overheated, damaged, or another reason. 

In the small chance that this should happen, don't fear! Fortunately, the liquid inside the iOpener is non-toxic, food safe, and water soluble. Should you need to dispose of a damaged iOpener, feel free to clean any spilled iOpener liquid using a damp towel, then dispose of the iOpener as you would any other normal household refuse. The towel can then be washed or rinsed like normal. 

Before disposing of a faulty iOpener though, don't forget that your iOpener is covered under our iFixit Lifetime Guarantee. Should any damage occur during normal use, please snap a photo of the damage, then contact our Support team at We will be happy to assist. 

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