Customs duties, taxes, and other fees for international shipments

International shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties and/or customs fees. These fees are the sole responsibility of the recipient. If a shipment is refused and returned, you will be responsible for any import taxes and return shipping costs incurred by iFixit. These fees are specific to the destination country. Therefore, we do not know what the amount will be. The shipping and handling fee applied by iFixit at checkout does NOT cover any duties, taxes or brokerage fees. Please be prepared to pay these fees when your package is delivered. If the package is refused or returned to us, all customs charges or fees will be charged to you.

Sometimes your country's Customs office will require additional information in order to clear your shipment for delivery. If they ask you for an invoice or commercial invoice, you can find a copy of that by looking at your  Order History in your iFixit account. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Shipping Cost: This is the cost charged by iFixit at checkout to cover the cost of the shipping method you select for your order. Unless explicitly stated in writing by an iFixit representative, it does not cover any of the following:

Duties and Taxes: These are applied by your country's customs department based on the value and characteristics of whatever is being imported. Every country has their own unique regulations and procedures.

Brokerage Fees: These are charged by a company to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. The brokerage fee is charged for services such as negotiations, sales, purchases, delivery, or advice on the transaction. In the case of importing shipments, brokerage companies often serve as the means by which the shipment is cleared through a country's customs and border protection department. These services often can incur a fee. Depending on a country's customs clearance procedures, a brokerage company will take care of the paperwork and deal with the hassle of importing a package.

In some countries, you can avoid these brokerage fees by clearing the package yourself at a Customs facility. Check your country's Customs laws and see if it's possible. You can also contact the shipping carrier and ask if you can clear the package yourself. Be sure to have your tracking number for them to reference.

Ancillary Fees: That's basically a big word for extra fees applied by the shipping carrier. These fees can include things like storage fees, expedited clearance fees, and fees for having to correct Customs documentation. Your Customs bill should have a breakdown of what the fees are if they are applied. Most shipments don't incur hefty ancillary fees, but you should check with how certain shipping carriers deal with ancillary fees.

Please Note: FedEx has a breakdown of the different country-specific ancillary fees that can be applied:  FedEx Ancillary Fees

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