iPad - Touch Not Working

Your iPad is not recognizing the touch input on the front panel

Bad touch screen

It is possible that the touch screen is bad. If so, you must  replace the front panel (which includes the touch screen and digitizer).

Sometimes after performing a screen repair you'll experience areas on the screen that don't respond to touch or the iPad will begin opening apps on it's own, activating Siri, etc. This may not be a defective part and can usually be corrected using one or more of the following methods:

  1. Do a hard reset: Hold down the home and power button simultaneously until the iPad screen goes black. Power the device back on and test it now. 
  2. Re-seat the cable. Check to make sure the digitizer ribbon cable is fully inserted and that no dust particles are in the ZIF connector. Use canned air to clean the connectors, ensure the white line on the ribbon cable lines up with the edge of the logic board connector, and make sure to lock down the tabs to secure the cable.
  3. If your device has gold contacts next to the home button, make sure they are covered at the bottom of the front panel next to the home button. You can use black electrical tape for this.

If after performing these steps the issue remains, fear not! Please  contact us as we're happy to help!

Bad logic board

If replacing the front panel does not restore touch input, the logic board must be replaced.

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