I'm getting errors when trying to check out

Sorry to hear you ran into an issue while placing an order!

In order to help replicate this for our coding team so that they can identify and fix any potential system bugs, please send an email to support@ifixit.com with the following:

  • (If you have an iFixit account) The email address your iFixit profile is under
  • What browser (including version number) you are using?
  • What operating system you are on?
  • The text of the error message you received (or a screenshot of it)
  • Any further steps that might be helpful to re-create the exact circumstances in which you received the error message

In the meantime, here are some things you can try:

  • Disable any web browser extensions/plugins that may prevent Javascript from working
  • Try another device or web browser
  • Clear your cookies and cache on your web browser

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