I'm missing items in my package!

We're sorry to hear that! Our shipping procedure and software involves a meticulous packing system whereby all items are accounted for before the final boxing, so please thoroughly check the packing materials to make sure that your item isn't wrapped in them. Our shippers pride themselves in taking good care of your orders and often wrap an item in packing materials to keep it safe. So, don't recycle those packing materials until you've checked them thoroughly!

Smaller items like Spudgers are most frequently taped to your packing slip.

(You might also want to check the printed product boxes as well, for example, if you ordered a Pro Tech Toolkit. Our shippers have been known to slip smaller parts inside those boxes for added security, so your missing part could be inside your toolkit!)

Still Missing: Is there any visible damage to the box? Please take pictures of the damage and the contents of the box, then send us the pictures.

No Damage to Box?

Domestic Orders: It's very rare, but the item may not have made it into the box before we finished packing it up. Sorry about that! Contact us and we will check the shipping footage for you and get that missing item out to you ASAP.

International Orders: Does it look like Customs inspected the contents of your order? In rare circumstances they might forget to place all the items back in the package. Contact us and we will check our shipping footage and follow up with the shipping service for you to see what might have happened.

Missing your Spudger? 

Sometimes our shippers tape smaller items to the packing slip or bundle them inside other items' packaging. Items also tend to find unique ways of hiding in the packing material during transit. The missing Spudger is most likely taped to your packing slip, so definitely check there first.

If you're still not able to locate a missing item, please contact us by clicking the link below.

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