How do I cancel my order?

TL;DR Within 30 minutes of placing an order, you may be able to cancel it online. To cancel an order: visit your online  Order History, find the order you want to cancel then select  Cancel Order. If it's been more than 30 minutes, then we can set you up for a return once the package arrives. 

Please check your  Order History for the current status of your order. We allow cancellations for 30 minutes after the order is placed. 

If the order's status is 'Processed' or 'Processing', please click the link to cancel the order.

      Go to  Order History
      Click Cancel Order
      Give Reason for Cancellation
      Confirm Cancellation
      Once you've submitted your cancellation request, the status message of the order will read ' Pending Cancellation'. A member of our staff will review the cancellation, then cancel the order for you at a later time.
Please Note: If it has been longer than 30 minutes since the order was placed, then we are not able to make any further changes, however, we can get you set up for a return once the package arrives.

If you are unable to cancel your order online, you may be able to return your order once the package arrives.

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