My tracking isn't updating or found

We are unable to assist with tracking numbers which are not associated with iFixit. We recommend contacting the seller, company, or shipping carrier to investigate the issue.

Did you buy something from, and the tracking number we provided to you hasn't updated in a while? If so, please read on to see how we handle these issues.

Domestic Shipments

If the tracking has not updated within 7 business days of your order being shipped and you still have not received your order, please contact us so that we can investigate the issue with you.

When the tracking information isn't being updated by the carrier as it should be, we understand your frustration in having to wait for the package without much insight. Sometimes weather is an issue, and sometimes packages just aren't scanned into the carrier's system at intermediary stops, so it looks like nothing is happening. Other times, it's just the carrier running behind or performing additional transit safety measures based on the contents of the package.

It's not uncommon for some carriers to skip package scans when they're running behind, as this allows them to travel greater distances without stopping and scanning the package into every processing facility along the way. Transporting packages in this manner is generally faster, since additional scanning also means additional processing time. This can look like it's gone from one state on the west coast to another state on the east coast all in one tracking update, and this is normal.

If you see that your package arrived at a sorting facility and the tracking does not show that it has departed that facility, or the package has not been marked as In Transit, this could actually be in transit to you but it's just not being scanned into other facilities along the way. We recommend waiting until the expected delivery date presented at checkout to allow time for the tracking information to update.

Please note: Saver and Standard shipping methods are not guaranteed delivery services and do not have guaranteed delivery dates—only an expected delivery date. This means that you may not see tracking updates right away, and it's possible that your order arrives on time without any issues.

We are determined to make sure you're satisfied with your order and the services that we offer. If you're still worried that your package is lost in transit or has been swallowed by Cthulhu, please contact us so that we can assist you.

For more information regarding the alternative shipping methods we offer, please see our  Domestic Shipping Options.

International Shipments

USPS First-Class International

USPS First-Class International shipments can take up to 8 weeks to be delivered. They don't always take that long, and they are usually delivered before that time, but we kindly ask that you please wait until at least 6 weeks before contacting us. 

It can take quite a bit of time for the shipment to get through Customs as well as get sorted through your local postal carrier.  Unfortunately, there is no tracking available for USPS First-Class Mail International packages.

If you see a shipping related number corresponding to the order, this is actually a Customs ID used within the United States until the package reaches the port of export and is handed off to USPS. Once USPS hands off the package to your local carrier, occasionally the Customs ID can reveal the Customs status of the package through your local carrier, but it is not guaranteed.

Please note: To verify what carrier your package will be delivered through, we recommend this page  here.  You can try and track the Customs ID on your country's postal entities website. 

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